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System engineering Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Framework building - Coursework Example Once in a while change is typically capricious, coming at time that an association doesn't fo...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

System engineering Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Framework building - Coursework Example Once in a while change is typically capricious, coming at time that an association doesn't foresee it. In such a situation, the manner in which an association handles the change decides the flexibility that decides the recuperation of the association. Different proposals have been given on the best way to oversee change in frameworks building. To adequately manage change in frameworks building, it is prescribed to follow a basic rule. First recognize the zones that change is required in the procedures and legitimize the requirement for change. Besides, survey and assess the chance of positive outcomes from an adjustment as far as managing partners needs or concocting a superior item. Thirdly, change administrators should actualize the adjustment in a procedure that doesn't upset the entire framework. At the point when a change is at long last set up, it ought to be rehearsed to supplant the past procedure and made the standard. This should then be trailed by intermittent checking of the change as it is being actualized and assessment of the entire procedure (Habhouba, Cherkaoui, and Desrochers, p.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Italian Degree of Comparison Adjectives

Italian Degree of Comparison Adjectives There are three kinds of level of correlation descriptive words in Italian: positivo (positive), comparativo (relative), and superlativo (standout). Positive Adjectives (Aggettivi di Grado Positivo)Italian positive descriptors are those that don't give any correlation: Il clima à ¨ mite.The atmosphere is gentle. La poltrona à ¨ comoda.The seat is agreeable. Similar Adjectives (Aggettivi di Grado Comparativo)An modifier is relative when it communicates a correlation between individuals, creatures, things, various degrees of value, or differing activities. As for the sort of correlation offered, the similar can be: of maggioranza-communicated by the intensifier piã ¹ (set before the descriptive word) and the relational word di or the combination che (put before the second term of correlation): Piero à ¨ piã ¹ studioso di Andrea.Piero is more contemplative than Andrea. Carlo à ¨ piã ¹ pigro che volenteroso.Charles is more sluggish than enthusiastic. NOTE: Che is favored rather than da before a descriptive word, participle, or infinitive. of uguaglianza, communicated by the correlative qualifiers (tanto)†¦quanto, (cosã ¬)†¦come: Giulia à ¨ (tanto) bella quanto sua madre.Julia is as lovely as her mom. Marco à ¨ (tanto) gentile quanto premuroso.Mark is as delicate as he is astute. Luigi à ¨ (cosã ¬) alto come Giorgio.Luigi is as tall as George. of minoranza - communicated by the qualifier meno (set before the modifier) and the relational word di or the combination che (put before the second term of correlation): Sono meno paziente di te.Im less patient than you. Ti considero meno volenteroso che intelligente.I think of you as less excited than savvy. NOTE: The comparatives of maggioranza and minoranza can at times be changed, strengthened, or debilitated by the verb modifiers molto, poco, troppo, assai, tanto, alquanto, parecchio, and un po: Mario à ¨ poco piã ¹ grande del fratello.Mario isn't a lot greater than his sibling. Sono molto meno stanco di te.I am considerably less worn out than you. Standout Adjectives (Aggettivi di Grado Superlativo)Superlative descriptive words show an excellent or phenomenal quality. The standout degree might be assoluto (supreme) or relativo (relative): assoluto when it offers no correlation with others or things or characteristics. It is framed:  »Ã¢ by adding the completion issimo to the descriptive word dolce-dolcissimo-dolcissimiamara-amarissima-amarissime NOTE: The descriptive words finishing off with co and go hold or lose their throaty sound as indicated by the applicable principles of plural arrangement: ricco-ricchissimopratico-pratichissimo NOTE: descriptive words finishing off with io, in which the I is tonic, keep the letter in the standout structure: pio-piissimo NOTE: modifiers finishing off with io, in which the I is atonic, lose that letter in the standout structure: saggio-saggissimo  »Ã¢ in a couple of examples by adding the closure errimo to the descriptive word: section of land acerrimo aspro-asperrimo (asprissimo) celebre-celeberrimo integro-integerrimo misero-miserrimo (miserissimo)  »Ã¢ by adding the consummation entissimo to descriptors that end in dico, fico, or vole: benefico-beneficentissimo benevolo-benevolentissimo maledico-maledicentissimo malevolo-malevolentissimo magnifico-magnificentissimo munifico-munificentissimo  »Ã¢ by reiteration of the descriptor: un stick piccolo piccoloa little pooch unandatura lenta lentaa moderate pace  »Ã¢ prefacing the modifier with intensifiers, for example, molto, assai, estremamente, straordinariamente, enormemente, or oltremodo: un libro molto interessantea exceptionally fascinating book una gita assai movimentataa exceptionally significant outing un film estremamente realisticoan amazingly reasonable film  »Ã¢ placing phrases as quanto mai or oltre ogni desperate previously or after the descriptor: una giornata quanto mai noiosaa exceptionally irritating day un uomo abitudinario oltre ogni direa animal of propensity amazing  »Ã¢ by including prefixes, for example, arci, extra, iper, sopra, sovra, stra, super, or ultra: unopera arcinotaa very notable work una matita extrafineextra-fine pencil un giornalista ipercriticoa excessively critical columnist uno sforzo sovrumanoa superhuman exertion un uomo strariccoan very rich man un motore superpotenzea super-amazing motor una politica ultraconservatricean ultra-traditionalist government official  »Ã¢ with the utilization of articulations that strengthen the importance of the modifier: bello da impazzireso attractive that it makes one insane matto da legaremad as a hatter pazzo furiosomadman ricco sfondatofilthy rich stanco mortodead tired ubriaco fradicioblind alcoholic, crushed, blotto relativo when it shows an excellent or uncommon quality; in any case, it must be according to a characterized gathering or limited to individuals or things of a similar kind. It is framed:  »Ã¢ by introducing the comparativo di maggioranza or comparativo di minoranza with a clear article and setting a term, for example, di, tra, or che before the second term of examination: il piã ¹ serio tra I colleghithe generally genuine among associates il meno spiritoso della compagniathe least clever of the gathering NOTE:  »Ã¢ the positive article may go before the thing rather than the relative standout: Quello à ¨ il treno piã ¹ veloce del mondo.That is the quickest train on the planet. Quel treno à ¨ il piã ¹ veloce del mondo.That train is the quickest on the planet.  »Ã¢ the second term of correlation can be inferred: Carlo à ¨ il piã ¹ fortunato (tra gli amici, I colleghi)Charles is the most fortunate (among companions, partners) There are someâ aggettiviâ qualificativiâ (qualifying modifiers) that, notwithstanding the ordinary type of the relative and standout, have a Latin-inferred structure that is favored in allegorical articulations (see table underneath): laâ cimaâ pi㠹â altathe most elevated pinnacle ilâ sommaâ poetathe incredible artist ilâ piã ¹ piccoloâ sforzothe littlest exertion laâ minimaâ importanzathe least noteworthy There are a few modifiers that come up short on the positive (gradoâ positive) and different structures: POSITIVO   COMPARATIVO   SUPERLATIVO ASSOLUTO- â â - â â primo- â â anterioreâ â â - -  â â posterioreâ â â postumo- â â ulterioreâ â â ultimo Ilâ primoâ dellanno (il giorno che go before tutti gli altri)The first of the year (the day that goes before all the others) iâ fattiâ anterioriâ allaccaduto (precedenti)the realities before the episode le zampeâ anterioriâ del cavallo (davanti)the forelegs of the pony un documentoâ posterioreâ (successivo)a ensuing archive le zampeâ posterioriâ (di dietro)the rear legs unoperaâ postumaâ (pubblicata dopo la morte)a after death work ulterioriâ chiarimenti (successivi e aggiuntivi)further explanations lultimoâ treno (che viene dopo tutti gli altri)the last train (which comes after all the others) lultimaâ casa della strada (la piã ¹ lontana)the keep going house in the city (the most distant) Modifiers that come up short on a near and standout structure include:  »Ã¢ adjectives that demonstrate material attributes or characteristics: chimicochemical romboidalerhomboidal ironferreo  »Ã¢ adjectives that demonstrate timespans: giornalierodaily settimanaleweekly mensilemonthly  »Ã¢ adjectives communicating nationalities, religions, or political convictions: statunitenseU.S. protestanteProtestant comunistaCommunist  »Ã¢ adjectives effectively changed: grassoccioplump piccolinolittle one grandicellogrown-ups Elective FORMS OF AGGETTIVI QUALIFICATIVI POSITIVO COMPARATIVO SUPERLATIVO ASSOLUTO alto superiore sommo/supremo basso inferiore infimo buono migliore ottimo cattivo peggiore pessimo grande maggiore massimo piccolo minore minimo interno interiore intimo esterno esteriore estremo vicino (viciniore) prossimo

Monday, August 10, 2020

12 Examples of Native Ads (and Why They Work)

12 Examples of Native Ads (and Why They Work) Native ads have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years, even overtaking display ads as the most popular form of advertising. There is a good reason behind this growth in popularity.According to HubShout, 85% of internet users don’t mind native ads because they don’t interrupt their browsing.Unless you have been living in a cave for the last decade and are reading this article on a stone tablet, you have probably come across several examples of native ads â€" even though you might not have realized it.While native ads are virtually everywhere on the internet, they are becoming harder and harder to spot.WHAT IS NATIVE ADVERTISING Native advertising can be simply described as paid content that aligns with the look, function and feel of the publication on which they appear.According to Neil Patel, native advertising is a form advertising that is so interwoven into the site on which it is being promoted that site visitors cannot tell that what they are viewing is nativ e advertising.The aim of native ads is to sell to your audience without making them feel like you are selling to them.Native ads are prevalent on social media sites and on website content. They don’t often look like ads, and it might be difficult to point them out as such. They are usually entwined with the editorial content of the site.Native ads come in the form of article, infographics, videos, and so on. They might appear as:Editorial Content: These appear the same way as the other editorial content on the site, with the only difference being that they are branded or sponsored by the advertiser.In-feed Ads: These appear as news feeds that appear on your social pages (Facebook, twitter).Search And Promoted Listings: These ads appear on your results page (at the top before your results) when you search for content.Content Recommendations: Recommended articles appear below or within the article audiences are currently reading.The thing about native ads is that they are non-disrup tive compared to display ads.They do not even require the reader to click on the ad as they browse through a website. Advertisers and brands love native advertising.This is because they increase the click-through rate and engage audiences than display advertorials do. They can also be used on a range of platforms.FROM DISPLAY TO NATIVE ADSDisplay ads are no longer working for consumers.There is a funny but popular stat in digital marketing that a person is 475 times more likely to die in a plane crash than they are to click through an ad.However hyperbolic that statement sounds, it is true that potential customers find click-through ads, banners and pop up ads totally irritating, annoying and disruptive.As a result, 80% of United States adults have turned into ad-blocking methods. 50% of these individuals have two ad-blocking software on their PCs.Another 10% are using four or more ad-blockers at the same time and can be termed as adlergic. The heaviest blockers appear to be people between eighteen to thirty-four years.Reuters also reported that at least 45% of the global population find display ads irritating and have consequently installed one ad-blocker in their PC’s and smartphones. Source: Wall Street JournalThis aversion to ads calls for an ad format that is more woven with the experience of the user, and that is where native advertising comes in.According to a report by FIPP, Native advertising accounted for 31% of the gross publishing output in 2017.That number shot to a staggering 69% for some companies in 2018. Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Cracked and Forbes are some of the companies extensively employing native advertising.Another study by eMarketer showed that companies used up to 3.5 billion dollars on native ads on the open internet in 2017. There was a forecasted 28% increase in 2018. In 2018, the numbers surpassed the projection by 28%.The same study revealed that 80% of consumers are more comfortable with native ads compared to banner ads. Native ads create a symbiotic relationship between readers, advertisers and publishers.They are rapidly becoming a friendly transaction that not only gains money for the sponsors and publishers but also extends r espect to the reader.THE CONTROVERSY WITH NATIVE ADSDespite their popularity, there is a huge controversy surrounding native advertisements.The fact that consumers are not aware that they are consuming ads â€" since the ads look like regular content â€" denies them the chance to decide whether or not they want to view the ad.This also brings into question the credibility and neutrality of the editor. If Dell has sponsored an article on Forbes, Forbes is unlikely to write anything negative about them.This has created the need for a way to notify consumers when serving them native ads. In addition to robbing consumers of the chance to decide whether to consume the ad or not and bringing into question the credibility and neutrality of the editor, there is also chance that the consumers might feel cheated or betrayed.Here they were, thinking that they were consuming an educative or entertaining piece of content, only to realize that it was a piece of advertising. If this happens, it can have a negative impact on the marketer.There are currently few guidelines and rules that stipulate the way that advertisers should conduct native ads.Consumer watchdogs like the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Federal Trade Commission are in the process of finding a regulative framework that ensures consumers do not fall prey to advertisers.Nevertheless, consumers should not panic because there are certain distinguishing features that can help them identify native advertising. These include:The words “promoted stories” or “suggested post”The words “sponsored” or “sponsorship credit”“Suggested” or “recommended” videosThe tag “Ads” on the contentBENEFITS OF NATIVE ADVERTISINGFor the few years that native advertising has existed, it has grown value for companies that team up with publishers to produce and disseminate content.Some of the benefits of native ads include:Millennials seem to trust native ads more than they do display ads.Native ads are more engaging.Native ads lead to greater sales. A recent survey showed that a third of millennials have purchased products after seeing a form of native ads.Native ads have been proven to increase the click-through rate by up to eight times.12 EXAMPLES OF NATIVE AND WHY THEY WORKEDIn this section, we will go through twelve great examples of Native adverts and point out why they worked.1. Laurel and Yanny DebateThe Laurel vs. Yanny debate was one of the biggest viral debates on the internet in 2018, and VentureBeat decided to take advantage of the viral debate to promote an Artificial Intelligence conference that was coming up.The debate was about a viral video clip that mentioned a word that some people heard as Laurel while others heard it as Yanny.The clip was posted on Reddit asking readers what they heard. Even celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres contributed to the argument with most of her studio audience saying they heard Laurel. JJ Watt also brought it up on his show and his team surprisingly heard Yanny.The dispute went on for a while and ranged on the internet for the next few days. Even researchers went to work and different professionals giving their insights on the same.Venture Beat â€" a technology news website â€" rode on this hype to promote their artificial intelligence conference. They ran an article on their website explaining how artificial intelligence had been used to solve the Laurel-Yanny debate.The article explained how the language detection algorithms of various digital assistants worked to determine what was being said in the clip, and explained some of the challenges experienced in settling the debate.The article brought up some of the challenges and limitations of algorithms, which would of course be discussed in greater detail at the Transform Conference that VentureBeat was promoting.This is a great example of native advertising because VentureBeat took a viral piece of content, created engaging content around it, and then us ed it as an opportunity to promote their conference on artificial intelligence. You can read VentureBeat’s article here.2. Woman Takes Bathroom Break After Filling Out Tax FormsThis article was written for HR Block by The Onion and published on The Onion. It was framed as a short article highlighting how the woman took a break after filling the Tax forms to unwind. You can check out the article here.The article might appear to be useless to a reader because of the aimless story but it reminds them about filling taxes.When the article came out in 2012, it was surrounded by HR banner ads and even though consumers were unlikely to click through them, it resulted in massive brand awareness.This ad worked because the story engaged audiences in an entertaining way and also reminded them of filing their task returns even though there was no clear call to action. It addressed a boring task in a fun and relatable way to the audience.Even if the article did not specifically mention HR Block , the fact that it addressed a subject that HR Block deals with, coupled with the surrounding HR Block banners helped increase awareness for the company.3. How to Transform to a Total Nerd Babe â€" GawkerThis is another great example of native advertising. The article, which was posted on Gawker and was meant to publicize the TBS show King of the Nerds, is the kind of article you would expect to find on Gawker and matches the design and editorial style of other articles on Gawker.The story points out the mindset shift on how girls who war specs can transform themselves from nerdy to sexy, and but has a clear call to action near the top of the article asking the reader to watch the show.On the article, just below the headline, one can see the word “Sponsored” which shows that it is an ad, even though the “sponsored” tag is not conspicuous from the other items on the page.4. Altran Engineering in the Financial Times This is one of the best examples of native advertisement, com bining a human interest story, video advertising, and cutting edge tech, with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk thrown in for good measure.What distinguishes this as a piece of native advertising is the fact that the video â€" which was published in the Financial Times’ Industrial Tech section â€" was created by the Altran Engineering company and shows the same kind of content you would expect to find in the Industrial Tech section of the Financial Times.Rather than coming off across as an ad, it comes across as a news story that tells about the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, the team of students from the Technical University in Valencia who are taking part in the competition, as well as the staff from Altran Engineering who are giving these students support in the competition.It is an entertaining video that is unlikely to be viewed as a piece of advertising, yet in actual sense it is promoting both the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition and Altran Engineering.5. Mercedes in th e Washington PostMercedes also pulled off a smooth attempt at native advertising with their “The rise of the superhuman” campaign, which was published on the Washington Post. You can view the article here.The content, which is highly engaging and designed to pique the reader’s curiosity, talks about the various technological advancements that are eradicating human error and turning us into superhumans.The article goes on to discuss these technologies, which include robotic exoskeletons, virtual and augmented reality, computer vision, and facial recognition technology.Inside the article, Mercedes manages to slip in their new Intelligent Drive System, which comes with their new Mercedes Benz E-Class series as one of these technologies that will help eradicate human error and turn us into super humans.The article is the kind of content that you would expect to find on the Washington Post, and were it not for mentioning their new Intelligent Drive System, it wouldn’t have been c lassified as an ad.Actually, most people reading through the article do not realize that it is an advertisement.To make it even more engaging and interactive, the article has quizzes and sections that the reader can click on to access more information on the subject.It’s also amazing how Mercedes manages to create a connection between the E-Class series and cutting edge, superhuman technology.6. Colored Corn on Business InsiderThe best pieces of native advertising look like stories rather than advertisements, and this is what Glass Gem Corn did with this article on the Business Insider.The story talks about a multi-colored variety of corn that took the internet by storm a couple of years ago.In a bid to find his Native American roots, the founder of Glass Gem Corn embarked on a journey to develop the colored corn.In the article, Business Insider tells his story in the same fashion it would with any other story they would publish on their website, the only difference being that thi s story is also an advertisement.In the article, Business Insider added links to a website where people could buy the seeds for the colored corn, effectively making the article a sales page hidden inside an amazing story.7. Hennessy on Vanity FairIn this ad, Vanity Fair, which is known for its trendy lifestyle journalism, teams up with Hennessy to retell the story of Malcolm Campbell, “The Fastest Man on Earth.” Campbell, who in 1935 broke the 300mph land speed record has always been a symbol of ambition, making his story a perfect opportunity to promote a top-shelf liquor.Hennessy collaborated with creative agency Droga5 to create the ad, which was then published in perfect timing with Hennessy’s “Never Stop, Never Settle” Campaign.This ad worked for a number of reasons. First, it was engaging to the audience because it was in line with Vanity’s outlook and the regular features published on the site. Second, the story itself was compelling and throbbing.In addition, the comparison between Hennessy and Campbell’s spirit of adventure is subtle yet striking, driving home the message that Hennessy unlocks your adventurous spirit. You can check out the ad here.8. Fidelity Ad on ForbesForbes putting Fidelity on their cover magazine tested the limits of native advertising. It also introduced us to another concept of native ads on Print, which is still alive and kicking.Forbes put up an ad on their actual cover which highlighted two pages of branded content and infographic in the magazine.The ad was a teaser to an infographic talking about retirement, which was the editorial theme for that month. Fidelity had paid for the infographic to appear on the two-page space they had been given which as a part of the larger agreement between the two parties.Though the ad was posted on the cover, it was in line with other teasers appearing on the cover, and Forbes asserted that the content went hand in hand with their theme and provided more information about the contents of the magazine.Funny enough, Fidelity had not paid for the cover treatment. Instead, Forbes said it was added value for the client.9. Sexually Deviant Us Presidents â€" Cracked Virgin MobileCracked is a fun-style humor magazine who have been doing native adverts since 2008. Cracked success is attributed to their approach to native advertising â€" rather than leaving content creation to the advertiser, their editorial team works together with brands to create sponsored content that will resonate with their readers.One of their greatest pieces of native advertising on Cracked Magazine is as amazing as it is crazy.The article dubbed “The 4 Most Impressively Weird Sex Lives of US Presidents” goes on to talk about the weird sexual behaviors of some former American presidents. Now, who wouldn’t want to know about the sexually deviant US presidents?Weirdly enough, the article was sponsored by Virgin Mobile, and its aim was to encourage voters to use the Virgin Mobile netwo rk to find voting stations near them.However, this information doesn’t come till the very last part of the article. This ad was a massive success, generating over 1.1 million views, 2600 likes and 710 comments.10. Washington College on BuzzFeedBuzzFeed is well known for its native advertising antics. One of their best examples of native marketing on BuzzFeed came as a collaboration between them and Washington College.Hoping to attract high school students considering which colleges to apply to, Washington College had a series of native posts published on BuzzFeed, a media site that is quite popular with the youth.The theme of these posts was “You’ll love this place.” The articles discussed various things that might interest a high school student looking for college options, while at the same time showcasing Washington College as a favorable option.Following the campaign, views on Washington College’s Facebook page increased by 77%, page views on their website grew by 94%, and over 373 applications were directly attributed to the campaign.Following the campaign, the college won the 2018 Content Marketing Award for native advertising.11. VMware on the AtlanticVMware â€" A software company â€" teamed up with The Atlantic to produce editorial content on using smart technology to help factory workers. It makes sense for such content to be produced by VMware owing to their expertise on the subject.The editorial content maintains an informed voice throughout referring to credible sources and data from actual research.It was part of an ongoing discussion they had about emerging technologies, and there are no advertisements by VMware anywhere within the article.However, the header clearly shows that the content was paid for by VMware, and the footer is distinctively marked with the VMware logo. The Atlantic goes further to assert the article does not necessarily reflect their views.The aim of the article was to create brand awareness for VMware. You can check out the article here.12. Promoted/Sponsored Social Media PostsA promoted tweet. Image courtesy of authorIf you are active on social media, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you have definitely come across the promoted/sponsored posts.These posts have the same format as regular posts by your friends/followers, and they appear on your timeline the same way regular posts do.The only difference between them and regular posts is that they are usually tagged as promoted or sponsored. Without these tags, you wouldn’t tell that the posts are sponsored.Such ads have been hugely successful, and it is no wonder that every social media platform today implements some form of sponsored/promoted posts.WRAPPING UPWith internet users becoming blind to display ads, and others using ad-blockers to filter out ads, the most effective way to get your products, services, or brand in front of customers is through native ads.These are ads that match the content of the site on which they are pro moted and therefore do not interrupt the consumer’s browsing.If you haven’t been using native ads, it might be time for you to start, and to help you with that, we have shared with you 12 great examples of native ads and why they work.Now all you need to do is to go out there and replicate the same on your business.

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Benefits Of Promoting Growing Your Own Food And Its...

Currently, in the Denver Metro area, there are more than 40 school-based community gardens. These are projects on a much smaller scale than what I’m proposing. The benefits of teaching youth the importance of growing your own food and its nutritional value would have a positive effect for decades to come. The Colorado School of Public Health has data on Denver Urban Garden efforts and how it has led to a tangible, positive change in the community’s health and food security. School-based community gardens help to create a bridge between the school and the surrounding community by offering space for gardening to students, parents, teachers and neighbors. Teachers could even have an outdoor classroom where students are given the opportunity†¦show more content†¦This program could be partnered with the Denver Public Schools, Denver Urban Gardens, Learning Landscapes, and Slow Food Denver. Let’s start with the guidelines. School and educational based gardens provide spaces for experimental hands on education. This also allows for incorporating the full cycle of learning associated with healthy food; from growing, to nutrition, and then to cooking. The school gardening program would be designed to involve teachers and certain primary curriculums in subjects such as economics, social studies, and science. This in turn would create respect for diversity and also promote self-growth. The primary purpose would always be education. Having the school and the garden be a cohesive program that would be included in the day-to-day culture of school would promote sustainability with the administration, neighborhood volunteers, and parents who are all essential to the function of this plan. Stewardship opportunities for the students could be provided through the outdoor classroom by utilizing the grounds of the school site. Outdoor classrooms are engaging spaces for children; it helps them develop both aShow MoreRelatedObesity And Weight Loss And Obesity1673 Words   |  7 Pagesdrinks, high calorie snacks, and promoting exercise on a daily basis. Obesity is a worldwide condition that has mental, physical, and social effects on individuals that are diagnosed with the condition. In this paper the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing on individuals with obesity will be explored and discussed. For many young and older adults treating obesity is not an easy task to accomplish on your own which leads to yo-yo diets and fadRead MoreNutrition Is Essential For The Development Of Physical And Cognitive Health1394 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Ministry of Food†? The ministry of food was introduced in 1942 by the British government to advocate eating nutritious food’s during the time of WW2, when there was sparsity of crops and fresh produce, due to the war effort. It also educated people on ways to feed their families healthy food on a budget. However more recently in 2008, Jamie has reintroduced this concept of a â€Å"national network of food,† by spreading awareness and reminding people of the influence nourishing food can have on ourRead MoreChildren Need a Healthy Breakfast1878 Words   |  7 PagesHealthy Meal in the Morning affects Children America is often referred to as the most developed country worldwide where everything is easily accessible to residents. Recent research has shown that 50 million Americans lack access to safe and nutritious food in the home, 17 million of which are children. A perfect example of this can be seen in the recent film, â€Å"A Place at the Table† where. Rosie, an 8 year old girl living in Colorado expressed the difficulty that she finds in concentrating in schoolRead More The Changing Culture of Food and Society Essay1557 Words   |  7 Pagesreasons other than biological necessity. Food is [therefore] about pleasure, community, family and spirituality, our relationship to the natural world, and about expressing our identity† (p. 8); and plays an important role on why we form a relationship with food. I can relate with Pollan’s ideology on the basis of my own cultural experience within the Black communities, and how life formed associations with food has shaped my viewpoint on health and wellness. Food and society are the key links in whichRead MoreJack Link’s Beef Jerky Going Hip and Healthy Essay1280 Words   |  6 PagesLink’s Beef Jerky Going Hip and Healthy Introduction The Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Company, founded in the 1880’s, is a producer of dried meat snacks that prides itself in the distribution of convenient, high-quality snack foods. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is the fastest growing meat snack manufacturer in the world and sells more than 100 different meat snack products in more than forty countries. According to the company’s mission statement, this family-run business basis its principles and traditionsRead MoreDeveloping Eating Habits During School Lunches1671 Words   |  7 Pagesthe possibility of undertaking numerous activities throughout the day as well as ameliorating their own knowledge in school extracurricular activities. Therefore, while child obesity is a growing concern among elementary schools, parents should take part responsibility by encouraging better eating habits. If parents provide healthy home lunches, it will prevent unhealthy lifestyles among their own children. In our modern day public elementary schools, the lack of nutrition during school lunches hasRead More Componants Of Life Essay1782 Words   |  8 Pages Creating and adhering to a nutritional plan could be the single most important thing you do in your life. A nutritional plan does not only mean covering your physical health, but your emotional and spiritual health as well. Surviving well on a healthy nutritious diet will only go so far without the spiritual nutrients of love, happiness, sorrow and pain. â€Å"You are what you eat†, goes a famous saying. If that were truly the case, then a lot of Americans would appear to be unhealthy, chemically treatedRead MoreDifferent Aspects Of School Involvement Towards Health And Wellness Essay2072 Words   |  9 Pagesstudents. Research argues that health promoting lifestyle activities maintain or improve individual’s health and wellness (reference). Researchers suggest that health promotion includes a process of empowerment of the community to act on the improvement of their life and health qualities (research) A closer look into a healthy lifestyle begins at childhood. Healthy lunches promote physical activity and healthy diets. School lunches need to have nutritional value and a well-balanced nutrition scaleRead MoreEvolution of Natural Foods: Personal Point of View1971 Words   |  8 Pagesâ€Å"natural† food, and to ponder the question of how the quality of our food will be in the future and the health concerns. Th e area I will be focusing on is the Southern United States, Central and South America. In the beginning, it is understood that humans needed to survive by eating. They gathered wild vegetables, and hunted animals for meat. As there became more humans, the philosophy for trading one good for another began to lower the demand of having to hunt or gather on your own. It is hardRead MoreWhy Do Companies Promote Unhealthy Foods?3184 Words   |  13 PagesProfessor McLaughlin Why Do Companies Promote Unhealthy Foods? Junk food has been a part of America’s history since the 1900s and its desire will be growing throughout the future. Junk food can is counted as any unhealthy food which includes: cookies chips cakes and fast food. The first ever fast food restaurant opened in 1947 and more and more are blossoming throughout the country. With this explosion of fast food and junk food consumers have been wondering why companies advertise this horrible

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Tuesdays With Morrie Words Of Wisdom - 1334 Words

Tuesdays with Morrie: â€Å"Words of Wisdom† â€Å"The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them†¦ whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will† (Michel De Montigne). Morrie would agree with this statement, because Morrie believes that everyone can live a great life no matter how many days they may have left. No one knows the days they exactly have left in their life. In life people should make the best of it and not worry about how much time they may have left to live, they should focus on making things better for themselves and others. They should also impact and do the right thing and be a great example in others lives. Morrie teaches people to love life through accepting death, valuing money less and forgiving others. First, Morrie teaches people to live life through accepting death. Morrie’s opinion on death is that everybody dies at some point in their life; it will come s ome day. Learning to accept it instead of dwelling on it will make life more enjoyable. Dwelling on dying only makes it tougher to focus on the things that matter before it is too late to say goodbye. Death can happen at any point in life, not a single person knows the given time they will pass.. â€Å"Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live† (Albom 84). My belief is that when someone is focusing on life ending for them, they are prone to not enjoy their last days. When someone comes to realization that death will be comingShow MoreRelatedTuesdays With Morrie, By Mitch Albom1638 Words   |  7 Pages Throughout the novel Tuesdays With Morrie, the author, Mitch Albom, reflects on his Tuesday meetings with his old professor, now consumed with a terminal illness, and, using many rhetorical choices, reveals â€Å"The Meaning of Life,† which they discussed profusely and divided into several categories. Topics such as Death, Emotions, Aging, Money, Forgiveness, an d more are all discussed in their weekly conferences, Morrie passing on his wisdom to one of his favorite students. And Albom, writing aboutRead MoreTuesdays With Morrie Film Analysis949 Words   |  4 PagesThe film Tuesdays with Morrie ( TWM) has shaped my understanding of the consequences of change through the main themes of change in perspective, change in relationship power dynamics, Mitch’s increased commitment and the ripple effect that change causes. The representation of mitchs perspective throughout Tuesdays with Morrie, has shifted my understanding of the consequences of change through the importance of various relationships Mitch has developed and the importance of an alternative perspectiveRead MoreWisdom of Realization1746 Words   |  7 Pages15 The wisdom of realization One can say that wisdom can truly be found through a realization in one own life and even through suffering. In Shakespeare’s â€Å"King Lear† and Mitch Albom’s â€Å"Tuesdays with Morrie†, we see that both main characters Morrie Schwartz and King Lear gain wisdom through realizations of certain aspects of life and through their own personal sufferings. Both Morrie and Lear gain wisdom firstly through suffering. Morrie gains wisdom through suffering physicallyRead MoreTuesdays with Morrie Essay1333 Words   |  6 PagesCassandra Stephens December 3, 2012 Psy. 120- Book Review Professor Dr. Priebe Summary: Tuesdays with Morrie, was based on a true story about friendship and lessons learned. It’s about a sports writer, Mitch and former sociology professor, Morrie, who is in his last days of life after being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and their rekindled relationship after many years. They first met on the campus grounds at Brandeis University. This never forgotten relationship wasRead MoreCritical Analysis Of Tuesdays With Morrie999 Words   |  4 PagesTuesdays with Morrie Synthesis and Analysis Tuesdays with Morrie is a memoir written by Mitch Albom that documents his last thesis with his old college sociology professor, Morrie Schwartz. The story captures the compassion and wisdom that Morrie represents, but as he slowly contracts a disease known as ALS, his time is about to run out. It isn’t until 16 years later when Mitch sees his old professor being interviewed on ABC’s Nightline that this begins to change. Mitch was a student to Morrie SchwartzRead MoreThe Meaning Of Life In Tuesdays With Morrie By Mitch Albom1078 Words   |  5 Pagesand has come to terms with his disease and upcoming death. In the story â€Å"Tuesdays with Morrie† by Mitch Albom, the protagonist Morrie Schwartz impacts thousands of lives. Morrie Schwartz, a sociology professor who developed ALS, feels the need to share his words of wisdom on the meaning of life through taking pride in the way he has lived, making use of his experiences, and being optimistic about his upcoming death. Morrie was an inspiration for many as he took pride in the way he lived his lifeRead More Dealing With Death Essay1434 Words   |  6 Pagespicture of life has come into focus. If an individual suddenly becomes aware that their time on earth is coming to a close or is suddenly thrust into a meaningful relationship with someone trying to deal with such a phenomenon, as is the case in Tuesdays With Morrie, a contemporary book written by the popular sports journalist Mitch Albom, serious personal change can occur as a result. In fact, a person is only able to reach such a tangible state of enlightenment and understanding of the world around themRead MoreTuesdays With Morrie Essay1111 Words   |  5 Pagesthings such as important people, mistakes you made, things left undone or words left unsaid guilt, regret etc. The aim of this story Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom is to encourage the individual to live a better life why you have time, in order to avoid some of those later things such as guilt and regret. We learn this concept of living through the wisdom of one of Mitch Alboms old teachers, Morrie Schwartz, who is suffering from ALS knowing he doesnt have much time leftRead MoreSummary Of Tuesdays With Morrie By Mitch Albom1305 Words   |  6 PagesFunerals have been a long running tradition in many cultures and societies after a loved one has passed. In the book â€Å"Tuesdays with Morrie†, by Mitch Albom, the main character, Morrie, chose to have a living funeral after receiving the news that he had ALS. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts a lot of physical functions finally proceeding to death. A living funeral is held before the person has passed, soRead MoreFriday s With Morrie By Mitch Albom Essay1701 Words   |  7 PagesTuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom is a wonderful book that focuses on the struggle life and how to lead through them. Morrie, once a lively professor at Brandeis University, now suffers from ALS. This incurable disease begins to suck the ability t o do the things he loves, and soon confines him to the quiet rooms of his house. Mitch, a favorite student of his, comes back upon hearing the news and the two continue to discuss the true meanings of life and how to effectively uphold one’s character

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Richard Branson †Paper Free Essays

Hence, Brannon has very strong leader-member relations. Second, task structure must be analyzed In a course of four 1. Can a decision be demonstrated as correct? Steps: 2. We will write a custom essay sample on Richard Branson – Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now Are the requirements of the task understood by everyone? 3. Is there more than one way to accomplish the task? 4. Is there more than one correct solution? Based on the environment that Brannon has created at Virgin, assumptions can be made about situational traits. Brannon makes sure that he acknowledges his employees’ hard work. That means when a decision Is correct, the appropriate staff ill be praised for making the correct decision. Brannon also encourages his management to continue to challenge employees to come up with new creative ideas to attack the present situation. This means not only will employees understand the task requirements, but they will also be encouraged to find alternate ways to accomplish the task as well as alternate solutions. Using the Graph below, when Richard Brannon keeps a situation at moderate control his effectiveness as a leader and fearlessness as a leader Is maximized. If you have a demoralized staff your company will soon disappear† (Management Skills 1: leadership and motivation). Motivation is the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Richard Brannon has never lacked self motivation as a result of continuously creating and seeking new challenges to overcome. Brannon transcends his natural self motivation into his unique, hands off management style which emphasizes employee Job happiness and comfortable relationships. Self motivation was never an issue in Abrasion’s career as an entrepreneur and business man. From starting Student magazine at age 16 to creating a dominant rower in the recording industry, Brannon always had a desire to seek out new challenges. This may have rooted from his parents because they did not view his learning troubles as a limitation and encouraged him to find and pursue his venture, Student Magazine, his convictions were the underlying motivator. Brannon wanted people to hear his views and was willing to exude hard work in order to assure this happened. Brannon soon began to feel a sense of enjoyment and purpose–a major theme in all of Abrasion’s motivation techniques– which transitioned his efforts into the music and recording business. Of course, love and passion is not always a the best self motivator if success is never attained. Thus, Abrasion’s second key to self motivation is moving forward, rather than moving back. For example, in the wake of the U. KS recession of the sass’s Brannon had a choice to consolidate or keep growing. In response Brannon bought two night clubs and invested profits back into his music industry in order to create success and limit losses. The third key for Brannon was to always have goals. Once current goals are attained, new goals must be formed. This is demonstrated as Abrasion’s goals were reddened from creating one of the world’s most respected brand to investing in large-scale philanthropic endeavors such as the creation of Virgin Unite. Finally, perhaps the most appropriate rule to Abrasion’s success: â€Å"Screw it. Let’s do it† (Brannon)! When one man owns a record company, a soft drink company, and is pursuing space tourism there self motivation must never be deficient. Abrasion’s self motivation is an extension of how he motivates others. Despite running such an extensive array of companies, he takes on a very â€Å"hands-off,† management style. He says, â€Å"l don’t look at any figures or projections, if he [Patrick Ezekiel] wants to do it that’s fine by me. That’s very much the approach we take, there’s a lot of trust† (Management Skills 1: leadership and motivation). The trust he displays in his management demonstrates that Brannon is a Theory Y manager. Theory Y managers assume employees can view work as being natural behavior and are committed to the objective. They tend to be less controlling and have a more hands-off approach. As a result, Brannon believes that his management can do their Jobs to the best of their ability without his constant supervision. In addition, Brannon has a knack for surrounding himself with a very capable staff and creating a work environment in which they thrive. † Although Brannon is â€Å"hands-off,† he does create a particular environment that is very affective in motivating his employees. He does this by participating in lots of direct personal communication with his employees. Even though he is a corporate leader, he displays compassion for all employees in the Virgin family and pushes them to become leaders themselves. An example of this is Abrasion’s involvement in public relations. Whether its extreme stunts or press leases, Brannon sets aside 25% of his time for public relations. He explains, â€Å"If your staff works enormously hard to create something they are proud of, it’s foolish if you don’t let the world know about it. This social involvement gives his employees the impression that Brannon greatly appreciates his employees’ success and hard work. Certainly an employee will be more motivated to work extremely hard for Brannon and Virgin, if Brannon is doing the same for that employee. Analyzing Abrasion’s motivational techniques more closely, Mascots Needs Pyramid comes to mind. Brannon looks past physical needs and safet y needs, or at least assumes these will be taken care of. Instead, Brannon focuses his efforts most on social and esteem needs. For example, Virgin attempts to fulfill employees’ social needs by holding a party employees, whether they are security guards or executives. This not only gives employees a chance to associate socially outside of a work environment, but also links employees regardless of social status. He also targets esteem needs. According to Richard Brannon, â€Å"Junior people are as important as senior employees. Staff should e praised, not criticized they know when they have done something wrong† (Management Skills 1: leadership and motivation). How to cite Richard Branson – Paper, Papers

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Mutual Gain Approach to Bargaining

Question: Discuss about theMutual Gain Approach to Bargaining. Answer: Introduction: Companies have their own terms and conditions, at times, which may be dissatisfying to the employees thereby consequently affecting their performances. An effective tool, which allows the employer and the employees to settle dispute, is the method of collective bargaining using the technique of mutual gain approach. So collective bargaining is collective approach of negotiation in between the employees represented by the trade union to which the employees belong and the employer of the respective firm, so briefly collective bargaining is the outcome of negotiation(Carrell Heavrin, 2013). Mutual approach being collaborative is 'Win-Win' approach, where the both the parties should have a shared understanding of the complexity and the scope of the project. It involves a five step principles: Identify interest, consider all options, Develop criteria, understand your alternatives, and Build relationships . Saturn partnership is a separate wholly owned subsidiary corporation of general motors. It offers an excellent example of mutual gains approach to workplace conflict. It incorporates the tactics of mixed bargaining along with integrative problem solving, one such conflict occurred in the year 1991. In Saturn organization the union leaders give substantive expertise and an independent view to a problem, they increase the value by incrementing the quality of decision making in several joint committees to strategic action plan, where union leaders speak up directly to confront their problems. In Saturn organizations there are many instances of conflicts and their resolutions through partnership, here the problems are clear cut, bilateral and labor versus management conflicts. Two undoubted form oforganizations governance system is its traditional form of labor management conflict resolution and problem solving against the traditional decision making. Therefore,this is what makes the Sat urn unique for its incredible and nevertheless strategic method of conflict resolution (Cornette, 2016). Now, the BC ministry of social services and housing which is renowned for confronted approach to resolve labor related issues. In the year 1994, an effective measure to utilize tax payer monies in a better manner, the BC government agreed for a partnership which resulted in mutual gain approach in workplace problem resolution. They employed a five-step problem solving strategy for both the parties to examine the current relation issues and create schemes to foster changes. Both participants had a lot more in common than they originally imagined. It actually was a strategy to resolve issues from win loose to cooperative decision making for the problem solution. Considering the Canadian case of the Northern Telecom and communication, the mutual bargaining process was deployed by the company in order to prevent the closure of the plant and through this process, the company was able to pass the resolution and avoid the plant closure. The mutual bargaining approach employed the use of the negotiation process. The BC ministry of social services and the Saturn organization also followed the mutual approach to bargaining to resolve the matter as against the traditional decision making. Reference: Carrell, M. R., Heavrin, C. (2013). Labor relations and collective bargaining. Cornette, G. (2016). Saturn: Re-engineering the.Teamwork in the Automobile Industry: Radical Change or Passing Fashion?, 85. Rubin, J. Z., Brown, B. R. (2013).The social psychology of bargaining and negotiation. Elsevier.